How to Successfully Grow Your Construction Business!


Dear Fellow Contractor …

Are you sick and tired of leaving money on the table?
Do you feel like you should be earning more for your efforts?
One minute you have work and cash, next moment you don’t?
Are you struggling to make cash flow demands?
Do you feel you should be making more profit than you are?
Are you always behind financially?

Or …

Did you start your business from scratch, working long-hard hours, just managing to stay afloat, and after years find things haven’t changed? Are you spending evenings writing checks and estimates after spending 12 or 14 hours in the field? Are you struggling constantly with cash flow and bringing home enough money to pay your own bills?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, this one-day seminar is for you!

Henry teaching how to grow your construction business

Your Construction Business Is About to Take a Turn for the Better …

See how you can utilize your business metrics and grow your business 10%, 50%, or 300%, whatever you desire, by making your numbers work for YOU!

This one-day seminar will strengthen and build you a dynamic construction business as taught by Henry Goudreau, C.S.L., author of “How to Calculate Your Money-Making Markup!”, How to Market Your Construction Services Like Magic!”, “101 Powerful Tips to Jumpstart Your Construction Business!”. Henry will expose the problems most contractors face with their business and reveal how you can avoid them and grow your businesses Sales, Profits, and Team.

Putting It All Together

In one-day I will show you the business metrics and model I used to build a successful construction business and for my clients:

  • FREE BUSINESS EVALUATION that will have you leaving the seminar knowing what is missing or needs improvement in your construction business!
  • The DETERMINATORS OF YOUR BUSINESS, what they mean and how they work
  • The FOUR Cornerstones and what they mean to your success
  • How to find, develop, and use your business metrics
  • Compute your business markup and make more money!
  • How to find your Risk Factor and use it to determine your Net Profit
  • Why you need a weekly paycheck and how to make it weekly!
  • What financials mean and which ones you need to track on a monthly basis
  • Create a dynamic strategic business plan and knock the socks off your banker!
  • How Time Distribution affects your Sales, Estimating and Project Management
  • Cash FlowHow to use it to your advantage
  • Your Balance Sheet and what it means to you
  • The POWERFUL Weekly Snapshot
  • Systems and Processes, what works and what doesn’t
  • NET LIQUIDITY and how to double it!
  • And how we pull it all together!

You’ll Get More Than Just a Seminar

You will go home with a workbook overloaded with powerful business-building information focusing you on the specific issues and problems and how to fix them in your construction business with the new-found knowledge you will receive from attending this seminar.

My clients have experienced 300% in growth, with handsome six-figure salaries and double-digit Net Profits after paying themselves their salaries.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served. There is limited seating, so please act now if you are serious about growing your business.

Contractor Seminar Details
"Henry has powerful business building information! I have been working with him for 4+ years and thanks to his help my business is on the right track!"
Sam Sasser, S.E. Sasser
“Henry Golden Hard Hat program has TONS of POWERFUL Business Building Information ... we have been using it for the past 2 years and in all honestly without Henry we'd be lost!"
Kathleen Rua, Rua & Son's
"The best part of the program is I can call Henry and Heath when ever I want and he is always there to help me develop a solution to any problem I run into. Finally I have a coach that keeps me and my business on the right track."
James Fitzgerald, DBK Industries
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